Chill Out!: Post-Hurricane Tips

Hurricane Irma left plenty of destruction in her wake around the entire Polk County area, and Ridge Energy Savers Inc. has been busy traveling throughout our area of Central Florida for AC repairs, refrigeration issues, and more. We have seen a lot over the last couple of weeks, from residential “quick-fixes” to larger-scale commercial property… Continue reading Chill Out!: Post-Hurricane Tips

Keeping Cool in The Great Outdoors

Unlike some of our northern neighbors, summer in Florida is actually not the best time for camping. Our high humidity, high temperatures, and almost daily storms during the summer months don’t make for great camping conditions, and no one wants to go on vacation only to be miserable the entire trip. However, as we face… Continue reading Keeping Cool in The Great Outdoors

Summer Nights: Staying Cool When the Temperatures Don’t

Summer nights bring all kinds of things to mind, like evenings spent on porches with friends, catching fireflies, enjoying homemade ice cream, and, if you’re here in Central Florida…extra-large mosquitoes and spending bedtime uncomfortable, sweaty, and sticky. ┬áSounds great, right? While we are kidding (partially) about the joys of summer nights in Florida, the reality… Continue reading Summer Nights: Staying Cool When the Temperatures Don’t