Say “So Long” to Sneezing: Making Your Home Allergy-Friendly

Allergies are currently wreaking havoc on many Central Florida residents right now, thanks to the plentiful summer grasses and pollens. Sneezing, itchy eyes, scratch throat, and runny nose are just a few of the unpleasant symptoms being enjoyed by people throughout Polk County, and when paired with the excessive heat we’ve been experiencing recently, it makes for a very unenjoyable summer. While we can’t do anything about the conditions outside your home, we can help with your indoor environment. Here are a few tips to help you keep the allergens outside where they belong and make your home allergy-friendly for you and anyone else who comes your way.

  • Check sealing around doors and windows. These wear out over time, and lead to spaces that not only let your cool air out (and hot air in) but also let in dust, dirt, pollen, and even curious bugs. Replace sealing as needed to keep your home cool AND free of allergens.
  • Invest in a vacuum with a good filtration system. As you’re cleaning, you don’t want the dirt and dust you pull out of carpets and furniture to be redistributed into the air of your home. A vacuum with a HEPA filter (and/or special allergy-friendly filtration systems) will keep dust in the canister where it belongs, and leave your air clean.
  • Vacuum often. Speaking of vacuuming, do it often! Carpets, rugs, furniture, and curtains are notorious for holding onto dust and allergens. Vacuum often, and take out rugs, curtains, and other removable fabrics to be shaken and/or laundered periodically.
  • Use cleaning cloths that hold onto dust and dirt. When you wipe down surfaces, don’t just spread dust from point A to point B. Invest in good cleaning solutions that hold onto dust and dirt and allow you to launder them and send the allergens out of your home where they belong. Additionally, when cleaning, look for products that are allergy friendly and free of heavy perfumes or aerosols that can further aggravate the respiratory systems of those who suffer from allergy symptoms.
  • Don’t forget accessories! Computer systems and televisions, fans, and even books can hold onto dust and aggravate allergies if not cleaned occasionally.

The best way to cut down on allergies in your home? Make sure your air filter is replaced regularly, and your HVAC system is running at its best. When your AC is struggling, your air quality will suffer and so will you. Ridge Energy Savers Inc. offers routine maintenance on your HVAC system, including filter replacements. Let us do the hard work for you, and help you keep your home allergy-friendly all year long.


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