Summer Nights: Staying Cool When the Temperatures Don’t

air-2260_640.jpgSummer nights bring all kinds of things to mind, like evenings spent on porches with friends, catching fireflies, enjoying homemade ice cream, and, if you’re here in Central Florida…extra-large mosquitoes and spending bedtime uncomfortable, sweaty, and sticky.  Sounds great, right?

While we are kidding (partially) about the joys of summer nights in Florida, the reality is that without your AC unit, nights would be pretty miserable.  If your AC has gone out at nighttime before, and you’ve had to endure the night without its help, you probably have some pretty unpleasant memories of tossing and turning trying to find a cool, comfortable spot on the bed but none was to be found.  While nothing replaces the comfort of an AC system during the heat here in Florida, there are ways you can manage when the temperatures soar inside AND outside your home.

  • Bring in reinforcements.  Hot water bottles make great ice packs to keep yourself cool in bed.  Opt to place them near your feet, or at pulse points, to get maximum benefit.  A sock filled with rice and chilled in the freezer for an hour or two also makes a great ice pack in a pinch.
  • Head to bed prepared.  Taking a shower right before bed using tepid water is a great way to lower your core body temperature.  Sleep in lightweight, breathable cotton clothing like shorts and a loose t-shirt to wick away moisture and enjoy airflow.
  • Make the most of your fan.  If you have a fan (or two) you can help it reach maximum cooling power by placing it in front of an open window to pump hot air out of the room and help bring down the temp.  Another tip?  Hang a wet sheet over an open window to help cool airflow coming through, or place a pan of ice in front of your fan to blow a cool mist over you while you try to fall asleep.

The best way to survive summer nights?  Don’t go without your AC in the first place! Ridge Energy Savers Inc. offers emergency services, so as long as you give us a call, you’ll be enjoying your cool air again in no time.  Don’t sit around waiting in the heat for a standard repair service.  Call us next time you’re in need, and let Ridge come to the rescue!


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